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Pressure switch (dual control)

Pressure switch (dual control)

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1. Description

The pressure switch is an important part of the automatic sprinkler system, which is used to convert the pressure signal of the system into an electrical signal output. It is often used to start the spray pump, monitor the working state of the alarm valve and the pressure changes in the pipeline.

Product standard: GB5135.10 "Automatic sprinkler system Part 10: Pressure switch"

Design Specification: GB50084 "Design Specification for Automatic Sprinkler System"

Acceptance specification: GB50261 "Code for construction and acceptance of automatic sprinkler system"


2.The working principle

The pressure switch is composed of a screw socket, a diaphragm, a ejector, a spring, a positioning cover, an adjusting screw and a micro switch, and is mounted on the alarm valve group. As the pressure of the pipeline system changes, the diaphragm is pushed to the top. The rod spring expands and contracts, thereby changing the closed state of the micro switch contact, and converting the pressure signal of the system into an electrical signal output.


3. the main technical parameters

(1) Rated working pressure: 1.6MPa

(2) Operating pressure range: 0.035 MPa-0.05 MPa

(3) Switch contact capacity: DC24V 1A; AC220V 2A

(4) Interface thread: R21/2′′

(5) Ambient temperature: 4 ° C ~ 50 ° C

(6) Wiring diagram:



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