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The Early Rejection Fast Response (ESFR) nozzle is a sprinkler with a fusible alloy weld as a temperature sensing element. The nozzle has a flow coefficient of K=242 and a specially designed splash disc that allows the nozzle to eject large diameter, high energy water droplets. And a hemispherical water flow is formed below it. This feature allows the water droplets to penetrate the flame while cooling the hot air formed by the early stage of the fire, directly cooling the combustion body, so the nozzle has a special advantage for protecting the high cargo warehouse.
Product standard: GB5135.9 "Automatic sprinkler system Part 9: Early suppression fast response (ESFR) nozzles"
Design Specification: GB50084 "Design Specification for Automatic Sprinkler System"
Acceptance specification: GB50261 "Code for construction and acceptance of automatic sprinkler system"

The nozzle has a large flow coefficient and a specially designed splashing disc, which allows the nozzle to eject large diameter, high-energy water droplets and form a spherical water flow underneath, which makes the water droplets cool the hot air formed by the early fire. At the same time, it can penetrate the flame and directly cool the combustion body. Therefore, the nozzle has special advantages for protecting high cargo and high shelf warehouses.

3. Technical performance
(1) Nominal diameter: φ20mm, interface thread R23/4″
(2) Flow coefficient: K=242
(3) Response time index (RTI): ≤ 28 ± 8 (m · s) 5
(4) Rated working pressure: 1.2MPa
(5) Operating temperature: 74 ℃, 82 ℃, 93 ℃
(6) Installation form: drooping type, upright type
(7) Maximum headroom: 12m

4、Structure diagram


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