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Water spray nozzle

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The water mist nozzle is an important component of the automatic water spray fire extinguishing system. It is combined with the water supply pipe network and the control valve detection alarm to form an automatic water spray fire extinguishing system, which improves the fire extinguishing efficiency in the fire of solid combustibles. At the same time, it has the characteristics of splashing and high electrical insulation which will not cause liquid fire inside. It is especially suitable for fighting fires caused by electrical equipment and combustible liquids, protecting factories, shopping malls, warehouses, power distribution rooms, large transformers, liquefied gas tanks, Locations such as oil storage tanks are used to protect against cooling, to control fires and to extinguish fires.

The water mist nozzle can be installed horizontally as needed, or can be mounted in a sag or oblique direction.

Product standard: GB5135.3 "Automatic sprinkler system Part 3: Water spray nozzle"

Design acceptance specification: GB50219 "Technical Specifications for Water Spray Fire Extinguishing System"


2.Working principle

The series of water mist nozzles are centrifugal atomizing nozzles in which the water inlet and the water outlet are in a straight line, which decomposes the water flow of a certain pressure into two water streams, one is a rotating water flow with centrifugal speed moving along the inner wall, and the other is It is a straight water flow with axial velocity, and two water flows meet at the nozzle of the nozzle, and the droplets are sprayed out at the synthesizing speed to form fine droplets, and the sprayed water mist is relatively uniform, uniformly distributed according to a certain atomization angle. Sprayed onto the outer surface of the protected object for the purpose of protecting against cooling or extinguishing the fire.


3.Technical performance

(1) Rated working pressure: 0.35MPa

(2) Flow coefficient: K=16, 21, 27, 34, 43, 54

(3) Atomization angle: 90°, 120°

(4) Interface thread: R1/2", R3/4", R1"

4、Structure diagram



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