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Diaphragm type device deluge alarm valve(flange connection)

Diaphragm type device deluge alarm valve(flange connection)

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The deluge alarm valve is a one-way valve that is electrically, mechanically or otherwise opened to allow water to automatically flow into the water spray system and simultaneously alarm.
The deluge alarm valve and the open sprinkler form a rain shower system, which is usually installed in a place where the fire develops rapidly and spreads rapidly in the event of a fire; the deluge alarm valve is also applicable to the water spray system and the water curtain system. When a fire occurs, it is controlled by the automatic fire alarm system or the transmission pipe, automatically turns on the deluge alarm valve group and starts the fire pump, and the water supply is extinguished.
Product standard: GB5135.5 "Automatic sprinkler system Part 5: deluge alarm valve"
Design Specification: GB50084 "Design Specification for Automatic Sprinkler System"
Acceptance specification: GB50261 "Code for construction and acceptance of automatic sprinkler system"


2.Principle of action
The water supply side and the control chamber of the deluge alarm valve are connected through the pipeline. When the servo state occurs, the pressure water is filled for a long time. When a fire occurs in the protection area, the fire alarm system or the sprinkler on the transmission tube detects the fire and automatically controls. (The automatic fire alarm system linkage opens the solenoid valve to relieve pressure, and the transmission pipe is relieved by the action of the sprinkler), so that the pressure in the control chamber is rapidly reduced, which is greater than the adjustment limit of the orifice plate, and the pressure difference between the water supply side and the control chamber is formed. The component is momentarily opened, the anti-reset lock mechanism prevents the valve flap assembly from closing, and the water on the water supply side flows into the system side to supply water to the sprinkler on the spray pipe network. A small part of the water flows to the water alarm bell and pressure switch, and the water alarm bell A continuous alarm sound is emitted, and the pressure switch action feeds the signal back to the fire control center. At the same time, the water supply pump is continuously supplied with water, and the fire control center controls the sound and light alarms together to achieve the purpose of automatic sprinkler and alarm.


3、Technical performance

Rated working pressure


Seal test pressure


Connection method

Flange connection

Structural form

Diaphragm type

Minimum working pressure


Working environment temperature


Solenoid valve working power supply

DC24V  0.5A

4、Shape and main connection size

Model Nominal diameter H1 L L1 B H D n-d
ZSFM100(1.2MPa) DN100 305 480 290 455 600 Φ180 8-Φ18
ZSFM150(1.2MPa) DN150 406 520 290 471 675 Φ240 8-Φ22
ZSFM200(1.2MPa) DN200 521 560 290 580 765 Φ295 12-Φ22
ZSFM250(1.2MPa) DN250 635 570 335 635 858 Φ355 12-Φ26



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