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Auto exhaust valve

Auto exhaust valve

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The automatic exhaust valve is specially designed for fire-fighting systems such as wet, dry-wet, pre-action, circulation, foam spray, and foam storage tanks in automatic sprinkler systems. Installed at the top of the system to prevent air blockage and air plugging when the system is filled with water and exhaust. When it is filled with water, it automatically closes the air outlet; when the system maintains water discharge, it automatically opens the air suction to prevent deformation and damage of the network negative pressure.


2. the main technical parameters

(1) Working pressure range: 0.05MPa-1.2MPa

(2) Inlet thread: Rc1′′

(3) Exhaust thread: R21/2′′

(4) Installation form: upright installation, the exhaust port should be connected to the sewer

(5) Sealing test pressure: 2.4 MPa water pressure, lasting 5 minutes

(6) Product structure and dimensions:



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