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Electric automatic exhaust valve

Electric automatic exhaust valve

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The electric automatic exhaust valve group consists of automatic exhaust valve, gate valve, fire-fighting solenoid valve and pipe fittings. It is used in dry and pre-action systems, installed at the top, end and water-filling turns of the system piping.

When the system is filled with water and exhaust, the system's gas-water conversion time is accelerated to ensure that the system will extinguish the fire in the early stage of the fire, shortening the response time; reducing the exhaust at the blasting nozzle during the fire to help the fire, and improving the efficiency and reliability of the system. Sex.


2.technical parameters

(1) Working pressure range: 0.05MPa-1.2MPa

(2) Inlet thread: Rc1′′

(3) Exhaust thread: R21/2′′

(4) Installation form: upright installation, the exhaust port should be connected to the sewer

(5) Sealing test pressure: 2.4 MPa water pressure, lasting 5 minutes

(6) Fire protection solenoid valve: DC24V 0.5A

(7) Product structure and dimensions:


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