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Special application sprinklers (warehouse type)

Special application sprinklers (warehouse type)

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Warehouse type special application sprinklers


Warehouse-type special application nozzles are high-flow special sprinklers for high-stack or high-bay warehouses. Compared with ESFR nozzles, they are designed to control the spread of fire. The minimum working pressure of the nozzles is lower than that of ESFR nozzles, and the obstacles are opposite to the nozzles. The effect of watering is small, and there is no need to install the in-shelf nozzles in the place where the series of nozzles are installed. The series of nozzles are available for both dry and pre-action systems.

Product standard: GB5135.22 "Automatic sprinkler system Part 22: Special application nozzles"

Design Specification: GB50084 "Design Specification for Automatic Sprinkler System"

Acceptance specification: GB50261 "Code for construction and acceptance of automatic sprinkler system"

2、Technical performance

(1) Nominal diameter: φ20mm, interface thread R23/4″, φ25mm, interface thread R21″
(2) Flow coefficient: K=161, 202, 242, 363
(3) Sensitivity: standard response
(4) Rated working pressure: 1.2MPa
(5) Operating temperature: 74 ℃, 82 ℃, 93 ℃
(6) Installation form: drooping type, upright type
(7) Maximum headroom: 12m


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